Ah, spring!  Ah, no, just award time in Hollywood. With that comes the array of parties and pop up salons, suites for celebs and nominees to get their pleasure of nice things. However a lot of these products have … Continued

Ronald Reagan Did It, Can Former SAG VP Anne-Marie Johnson Do It?

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  Long before he was president of the United States, Hollywood history aficionados know that Ronald Reagan was once the president of the Screen Actor’s Guild. Just look how far that got him. Actress Ann Marie Johnson, perhaps best known … Continued

Emmy Gifting Not All Swag

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Emmy Awards season means parties, awards, fancy dinners, and if you’re a celebrity (or lucky reporter) around town, a few freebies, yep, swag. However, after you’ve received your goody bag, sometimes you wonder if there is more to it than just … Continued

Food, Fun, Pho (Restaurant)!

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Daytime soap celebs and noted Angelenos  joined chef Kimmy Tang for an afternoon of food and chat at her 90210pho restaurant in Beverly Hills.  Among those attending were Y&R’s Kate Linder, former Days of Our Lives’ star Patrika Darbo and … Continued

WINNIE: When Will U.S. See It?

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With the announcement that T.D. Jakes, pastor, author and CEO of TDJ Enterprises, will produce Winnie, starring Jennifer Hudson and Terrence Howard, there’s a chance that this art-house film will hit mainstream — or not. Reviews have been mixed (, … Continued