Ah, spring!  Ah, no, just award time in Hollywood. With that comes the array of parties and pop up salons, suites for celebs and nominees to get their pleasure of nice things.

However a lot of these products have already gotten the celeb buzz. Some were on display at Bergman PR’s Valentine/Oscar Party at the Fig&Olive in West Hollywood.  Below are six that go into Hollywood and beyond.

Kelley West Microderm 360

Microderm and Grunberg/Photo/Scott Downey

This is a do-it-yourself-in-a-box facial kit created by esthetician Kelley West.  The unit comes with six detachable tools and swivels to reach all parts of the face and neck. It can also be used for the elbows and feet according to West. The product has already been one of the top sellers on the Home Shopping Network. Now before I sound completely like an ad, here’s what I’m told: “I recommend you go to the website and watch the video before you try to use it first,” says a spokesperson for the company.

Blue Bloods Marisa Ramirez is currently using it and my spy tells me she loves it so much that she will Tweet about it (for free I guess J).  Judging from the picture, Masters of Sex‘s Greg Grunberg likes it, I think.


MDSUN's Dr. George Sun and Zehra Sun
MDSUN’s Dr. George Sun and Zehra Sun

The dude who created this line of at-home paraben and fragrance free skin care products is a plastic surgeon. Yep, Dr. George Sun has been working on his MDSUN products since 2001, along with Zehra Sun, CEO of the company. They have everything from exfoliants and cleansers to soothers and masks. Dr. George isn’t saying which celebs frequent his Los Angeles office for more invasive treatments but John Voight and (Scandal’s) Kate Burton are fans of his products.


MySaintMyHero’s Amy D’Abra

If you work in the entertainment industry in any kind of way, you will most likely see someone wearing these at events, in the studio or on coffee runs. These distinctive bracelets with spiritual symbols spread across the bands, are made by Christian women across the globe and are based on the teachings of the saints. Funds from these bracelets help the artists, often in poor living conditions to have better lives.  Southern California founder Amy D’Abra was inspired to start her company in 2006 after a visit to Rome. Since then sales have spread like wild fire (yep, a cliché). Each bracelet comes with a gold-embossed card with a blessing and reminder to be thankful. Celeb fans include John Stamos, Tea Leoni, Tim Daley and a lot of Hollywood executives.


Caroyn Hennesy
Revenge’s Carolyn Hennesy

Ok, what do you need to say? These pretty-colored,  fruit-flavored , edible oils, gels, body paint and the like are for those who want to create and enjoy a little romance and have been around since the company’s inception in 1969 (well, hopefully, not the same exact oils but …).  I don’t know which celebs in Hollywood use it but ex-Heroes’ star James Kyson Lee and Revenge’s Carolyn Hennesy each picked up product at the Bergman event.


Whirl-a-Style style

Why do a ponytail when you can use these elaborate styling helpers for a more elaborate do?  These gizmos create red-carpet ready hair styles in very little time and make French twists look uncomplicated. Models were on hand to demonstrate at the Bergman event but I have heard there are celebrity fans. Meanwhile, I know they’ve been malls and salons since 2009. There, stylists visit to do demos. There are whirl-a-style videos available for ethnic and black hair.

Azul Imperial Tequila

Azul Imperial Tequila
Azul Imperial Tequila

For the crowd that likes to live dangerously, at least they can do dangerous with natural agave tequila. This one’s making the rounds in the goodie bags but  just found out it is distilled in Jalisco, Mexico at Valley of Autlan de La Grana l at the only female- owned agave farm.  Elane Hendrix, Kevin Farley and 21 (and 22) Jumpstreet alum Richard Greico are fans.

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