Stars’ Two Favorite Things About Valentine’s Day

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Desperate Housewives' Kevin Rahm and Twilight's Michael Welch

Ah, roses, wine, chocolates, perfume – don’t tell me you haven’t thought about it. It’s that time of year again, Valentine’s Day. Some people love it, some hate it but at Doris Bergman and Kathy Duliakas’ Valentine Romance Sneak Peek Suite at Café La Boheme, stars and vendors alike loved the food, fun, goodies. talked to Modern Family’s Ariel Winter,  Desperate Housewives’ Kevin Rahm, Vivica A. Fox among other,  and even the gift vendors about their favorite things on the day.

Kevin Rahm (Desperate Housewives): “I don’t like Valentine’s Day. I really don’t up to this point, but this is my first year as a engaged person and our goal this year is to re-define tradition so we’re creating our own tradition. So it will interesting as Amy and I sit down to figure out what will be our Valentine’s tradition.

I’m not a big fan of forced holidays. I’m not a fan of forced gifts either. Like I hate when someone says, `it’s my birthday, you have to give me a gift.’ I’m the kind of guy who finds a gift and says, `that belongs to this person, I must get that for them.’ I don’t care what time of year it is. I like to give. I don’t like to be told to give. Does that make sense?”

Vivica A. Fox: “Well, to have a date on Valentine’s Day because there is nothing worse than to spend it single and alone. The fact that I do have a sweetheart (fiancé Omar White) and that I am engaged (with an 8-karat diamond ring!) is a beautiful thing. The fact that we can spend it together. He’s coming out here to Los Angeles and we’re going to make a whole weekend of it.”

Marisa Ramirez (Spartacus): “The candy. I go to Target every holiday and get the candies for that holiday. There’s something about Valentine’s Day, something is just always a bit sweeter. I don’t know if they put more sugar in the batch or what but candy is good. Chocolate is good. And my grandmother always sends me the most beautiful card. It’s her favorite holiday. So I always make sure my card gets put up on the TV and stays there for a couple of years, so it has to be a good one.”

Billy Zane with Aquamantra Water

Billy Zane: “Privacy (laughs) and chocolate. Frango mint chocolates from Marshall Fields.”

Ariel Winter (Modern Family): “I’m buying a humongous basket for my niece. She’s two and a half. She really likes Valentine’s Day and so I’m getting her the huge basket and I’m going to make my parent’s Valentine’s Day cards.”

Deanna Frederico and Sarah Labree, Jurlique skin care: “Chocolate and Roses!”

Jill Stevens, owner, Model In A Bottle: “My two favorite things are that it’s all about love whether it’s between a man and woman, relative to relative, friend to friend, nation to nation and most importantly, I met my husband on Valentine’s Day.”

Karen, owner, Gold Canyon Candles:  “l love Valentine’s Day because it’s a day of romance and nothing creates romance like a candle with awesome fragrance. So men or women trying to create ambiance, light a candle.”

Alexa Allen, product manager of Kymaro wrap cardi’s: “I’m not really romantic. My favorite thing is to stay at home with my little baby. I have a four-year-old.”

Elaine Bender, founder of Spongeables: “My Valentine’s memory is in Italy, in Tuscany. My husband took me there by surprise. I can’t to have this memory come back again, anytime!”

Brittany Molina, artistic director for Whirl of Style hair clips: “It’s not always about Valentine’s Day. It’s about love in general between two people, whether it’s for my family or my friends. It’s a day where I can show appreciation for all those things.”

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6 Responses

  1. Bob S

    I go for chocs – Sees Candies – and flowers, the palest-colored roses if snowdrops are not available. I also go along with Billy Zane’s liking for ‘Privacy.’

  2. Steve V

    Valentine’s Day – I hate you, I’m just not in hate with you.. .(no one got me chocolates)

  3. toni

    Ahhh, Valentine’s Day…every unattached woman’s most dreaded holiday of the year (running a close second to New Year’s Eve). Well, unlike the stars and their flowers and chocolates, I buy bunches of cards and send them out anonymously to my friends. Makes me feel like I’m back in grammar school again sending out paper cutout hearts to all my ‘best friends’ and heart throbs du jour.

  4. kimi

    i love valentine’s day….whether attached or not, it gives us a chance to be sweet and velvety. i especially enjoy chocolate covered strawberries with champagne….the stars are just like us.

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