Six Questions With Hung’s Kaitlin Doubleday

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When we last caught up with HBO’s Hung, Ray (Thomas Jane) ran into a former student named Logan  (Kaitlin Doubleday) and feared his cover was blown when he mistakens her for a client. Of course his former student doesn’t mistake Ray’s profession and quickly leads him on a wild, 24-hour rollercoaster ride of sexy misadventures and youthful abandon. But can Ray really keep up with a 25 year old? Or is he merely a midlife crisis away from disaster? We talked with Doubleday about working on the sexy series.  


Hung's Doubleday at Boardwalk Empire premiere
Hung's Doubleday at Boardwalk Empire premiere

How much fun is it to be on a show with the name Hung?
It’s been pretty hilarious actually to be on a show called Hung. Either people have heard of it and ask if I have to get naked, or they haven’t (a few grandparents). With the title of the show, sometimes people say something like “Hung like a horse?” or “ I hope that isn’t about what I THINK it’s about!”

Thomas Jane and Kaitlin Doubleday on set
Thomas Jane and Kaitlin Doubleday on set

Have you gotten teased about it?
Not really, no I mean I’m not a person that can be “hung” after all.

Has anyone mentioned David Lee Roth’s Hot for Teacher song to you and if so, are you aware that it came out the year you were born?
No, no one mentioned that song to me but I wish they had! I totally would have played it in my trailer! That’s pretty hilarious…

What does your character really want from her former teacher, Ray (Thomas Jane), besides sex?
Logan wants to act out the fantasies that she’s had about him since high school. She’s wondered what it would be like to sleep with him for 10 years, and now she doesn’t have to beat around the bush, she can simply pay for his ‘services.’ I think she also enjoys the reversal of power, to have someone in the palm of her hand that was once an authority over her is pretty exciting for Logan.

Your dad is a character actor, did he ever give you any advice?
Yes, my Dad gave me advice. My mother is also an actress and so is my sister. There wasn’t a day that went by that something about acting wasn’t brought up in my house. It’s a strange sort of reality I guess because people always ask when I decided to be an actor, and I’m really not sure that there was a conscious decision that was ever made. Growing up I actually never wanted to be an actor, yet when I saw incredible performances they’d stick with me for weeks. My dad specifically always told me to work hard at it, that acting is as physical as any sport and if you train your body enough you’ll know how to do whatever it is that you want to do.

What do you think of male versus female prostitution? Is it equal opportunity?
I actually never think about male prostitution. Isn’t that weird? It’s just not a part of our society like female prostitution is and I guess that answers the second part of that question.

Hung airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on HBO through December 4.

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