Seven Questions With The Insider’s Kevin Frazier

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The Insider's Kevin Frazier
The Insider's Kevin Frazier

So your Twitter page says you’re`trying to keep hope alive another day.’ What does that really mean to you?

KF: It means any day can end. We wake every morning and nothing’s promised. There’s all kinds of things that can happen in between the beginning and end of a day. It’s amazing how we avoid disaster every day. If you go to the police station, hospital, employment lines,  you see things going on. You see all the disastrous things happening to people.
Sometimes you have to think, `damn I had a good day,’ and it really was a  good day and my life has improved today and I actually might have done something  productive today. It’s something we forget about because we get caught up in the  moment and ourselves.
There are people suffering around the world so every day I get up, I’m  trying to keep hope alive. I want to wake up, enjoy the day and at the end of  the day, hope that I bring something significant and good into my life.
On The Insider, you’re jumping from one celeb subject to another, do you think you’re an authority on anything celebrity?
KF: Um, I think I’m a jack of all trades and authority of none. I know a lot
of stuff and I know people and my job puts me into amazing situations where I
get insight that maybe the average person wouldn’t be able to get or I am
connected to certain people that allow me to get insight into stars that people
normally would not get.
We all want to be entertained so much, what’s good and bad about  it?
KF: There once was a time that we’d come home and we’d entertain ourselves.
We’d go outside and talk to our neighbors or we’d go some place and meet with
other people or the kids would go outside and play. Nowadays we’re so stimulated
by electronic media and how we can get things.
If you walk into a store, you notice all the people on their phones or
their iPads or iPods or whatever to stop them from communicating and interfacing
with each other. Once upon a time it was very different. I think that’s so sad.
We need this immediate entertainment and we don’t stop and smell the roses — at
the same time, that goes against everything I do for a living but I’ve gotta be
Bob Costas and Pat O’Brien among others started with on-air sports  jobs and landed in entertainment, was this anywhere near an original goal for  you?
KF: No way. I never ever thought this would be what I do to make a living.
That said, I’ve always been open to the opportunities that come my way.  I was
always focused on doing just the best possible job as a sports reporter and
anchor. I was never focused on entertainment because it was never on my radar.
When the opportunity presented itself, I felt like `this is unique. It is
different from anything I’ve ever done.’
Thankfully my sports and reporting background gave me the foundation to do
this and to be able to do this at the highest level, but no, I think people who
plan out and say this where I want o go and this is where I want to end up, set
themselves up to A. Be disappointed when they finally get there , or B. Be
disappointed when they fail or come up short. Look at what you do now and do it
the best you can do and opportunities will come your way.
Your founding of, how did that get started?
KF: Hip Hollywood came out because working in the entertainment business —
and I am not blaming anybody in the entertainment business because African
American people are a minority and as people, the TV and the movies that are
important to us are not always as important to all the mainstream organizations
that you see on TV or in magazines.
I found that the things I was covering had nothing to do with the peers
that I am used to watching, listening to or reading about.  So I said I was
going to do something for people like me that enjoy the things like me
and that’s what it was all about.
There are lots of African American stars that are mainstream in our
community that are overlooked by the mainstream media so I felt it was very
important for people to have somewhere [to go to] to get quality, not `OmiGod!
look who was naked last night and was dating who’ but actual stuff like movies,
books, all TV shows and things positive that paint African Americans in a
positive light, not a ridiculous one like many websites are painting them in.
Now you’re again going to be on Fox Sports Net, with all these jobs, what time do you even have for actually enjoying sports?
KF:My father was a basketball coach college and the pros. I love sports.
That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy entertainment.. It’s the diversity. I’m
lucky enough that I have so many diverse things to do.
It’s great to be back on Fox Sports. It’s cool to be back home where I
started. At the same time it doesn’t leave much time to do all the things I
really enjoy. But you know what?  When you have the opportunity to do all these
things you need to go ahead and do them. There are a lot of people looking for
one job so the fact that I have several is a blessing.
Ok, gotta ask, the Kardashians, Lindsay Lohan, Snooki, any thoughts ?
KF: On the Kardashians: Kris Jenner is the greatest marketer of this
century. She’s a genius marketer so props to her for making her family so
doggone relevant. She’s so smart. People are like, `there’s a backlash, we can’t
stand her,’ but you know what? Everybody’s watching her show. Everybody’s still
tuning in and everybody’s still watching her show as much as everybody wants to
Lindsay is a sad case. Everybody loves a train wreck at a certain time.
She’s the current train wreck that everybody is watching and paying attention to
and wanting to go off the tracks.
Snookie: Her 15 minutes got extended to 30 and the clock is about to strike

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