WWE’S Maria Kanellis Launches Perfume Line

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Maria Kanellis
Maria Kanellis

Trendy nail shop and bar, Beauty Bar, in the heart of Hollywood on Cahuenga Boulevard was the idyllic setting for former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) diva, Celebrity Apprentice, contestant and Playboy model, Maria Kanellis’ perfume launch. With soft lights, good music, an open bar and Kanellis’ soft, creamy perfumes in mimosa, sandlewood and ylang, ylang, the night was definitely a hit.

Spartacus star Marisa Ramirez, Bachelor and Bacholer Pad reality star Krisily Kennedy, former High School Musical star Tanya Chisholm and former E! host, Valerie Ortiz were among the guests enjoying the ambiance.

As for creator Kanellis, well, fragrance and her go waaay back. Sporting a black cocktail dress by bebe accented by a flower black diamond necklace by jewelry designer Mark Lash, she talked briefly to www.diedre.net about what else, perfume.

Have you always loved perfume?
MK: Oh, I have. I have always loved perfume. I always like to mix perfume as well. I always like to have a couple of different perfumes that I can mix together depending on my mood.

What is your first memory of perfume?
MK: My first memory of perfume is a whole lot of cologne on my boyfriend in high school. Every time someone walks by and they are wearing Cool Water, I actually think of him.

What is it that makes perfume so amazing?
MK: Perfume is something that refreshes your senses and makes you realize certain memories; places you were in your life. I have a perfume for every different time in my life. That’s one thing that I can say. I really believe perfume can create a mood or a moment.

For every single part?
MK: Yeah, there’s a different perfume. There’s the bad boyfriend and you never want to spell that again or there’s the good boyfriend and you’re like, `I want that scent! I’m sure it’s that way for men too.

Tell me about your perfume.
MK: My perfume has only three ingredients. There is no alcohol whatsoever in my perfume so it is very organic. The box that it is made out of is also environmentally friendly because we don’t have a lot of extra packaging. You can take this on the plane. It’s not going to break in your purse. It’s something that is a free perfume.

Since there is no alcohol in it, it feels very nice on your skin. There’s three different scents, all three of them are very different. Mimosa is a bit more fun, more summertime, Ylang Ylang is your flower perfume and Sandlewood is definitely your earthy perfume, so I got a mix of everything.

Any particular perfume besides of yours that you like right now?
MK: I am loving The One by Dolce&Gabbana.

What else is going on career-wise?
MK: I am now part of a project that is called Battle Femme Fatale; I play a demon and a swordfighter. I wield an ax. It’s going to be an interactive Internet project; we hope it will be a feature film one day.

Kanellis' perfumes

I’m also involved in a play. I have music that I am working on and I shot two short films recently. This summer I am shooting another full-length feature. I am just so excited about my new life!

What do you think about this year’s Celebrity Apprentice?
MK: I am glad that I am not on it because as crazy as mine was, this one is crazier.

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  1. kimi

    i like her combination of scents. divine….

  2. Gloria

    Ylang ylang is a favorite of mine. Her version (sans alcohol) is perfect for my move into the world of the natural. Heavenly, all ylang ylang

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