Fashion Passion With Sue Wong

Charlotte Ross

It’s just another one of those sunny LA days as celebs and fashionistas drive up the hill in Los Angeles’ classic old Hollywood neighborhood of Los Feliz.  The destination is famed fashion designer Sue Wong’s sprawling mansion.

Wong’s 1920s-era home, regally called The Cedars, was once owned by a Hollywood director and reportedly a silent film actress. On this day both would be proud. Fragrant flowers decorate the long hallways. Sunlight shines through the window panes. The pond and pool are shimmering.

Modeling Sue Wong

There’s abundant food on the patio, luscious cakes (some with artful hat-like decorations on top). The drink of your choice is available at the open bars about the property.

Tall models casually parade around in Wong’s latest fall creations. The famed designer-to-the-stars’ theme and inspiration is My Fair Lady, taken from the film of the same name.

“I think what I do is really sort of classic. So they are sort of timeless elegant pieces that are very, very beautiful. My theme is My Fair Lady and it’s the story of a transformation from a common, gutter snipe to this grand, elegant duchess and it just synchs with my own mantra of beauty, magic, transformation,” says Wong.

The dresses are romantic, layered Edwardian-style, gowns and hats of lace, chiffon and satin, flowery inserts and trim in colors ranging from faded champagne to nude to cobalt.  This year, it seems Wong has done a great mash-up, mixing her classic flapper-themed dresses with the Gilded Age as well as the contemporary, like last season’s Eat, Pray, Love collection.

Natasha Alam

Wong’s romantically-chic designs aren’t always cheap (but I understand good deals can be found at re-sale shops and online) and they have been worn by very notable faces including Jessica Biel, Taylor Swift, Christina Ricci, Kelly Osbourne, Sofia Bush, Disney’s Bella Thorne and The Bold and Beautiful actress, Ashley Jones.

Several celebs showed up at the event in their own Wong dresses including Cougar Town’s Carolyn Hennessy, Prom’s Janelle Ortiz and True Blood’s Natasha Alam who says she used to model for the designer.

“Sue and I go way back. She’s such a great person and amazing designer. You can’t go wrong with any dress you pick.”


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