Fashion Mistakes with Fashion Police’s Kelly Osbourne

Nobody’s perfect, even if you police others on TV and Kelly

Kelly On Set
Kelly On Set

Osbourne’s characteristic frankness is refreshing.

What’s the most embarrassing fashion trend you’ve ever taken part in?
There’s so many of them. There are a couple of gifts that keep on giving and I just wished they’d go away for the rest of my life.

You’ve changed your hair color a lot, what has been your favorite so far?
KO: Well, I’m naturally blonde but I loved the gray that I did recently.

Do you have a worst red carpet memory?
Only when I showed up to the Clive Davis party drunk, wearing a wig, thinking I looked incredible and look like I fell off the stage at Hairspray.

What is the worst fashion thing that you love but you know better and still do it?
I love my sweat pants and my Ugg boots and when I’m not working, even if I’m going shopping with my friends.  I don’t give a s..t. I want to be comfortable.

I have to wear makeup all the time. I have to get dressed up all the time and you kind of lose the fun in it. So for me, getting to go out in my Ugg boots, even though it’s not flattering, `I feel like a Britney,’ I love it!

What do you think of the new transformed Kelly as opposed to a few years ago?
I’m not nearly as scared of life. Coming to terms with the fact that you are not perfect and it’s ok is very comforting. I can’t change who I am. I can’t change the family I come from. There are things I can’t change. People say,`No matter how much weight you lose you’re always going to have a fat face and a big jaw.

And you go, `Well, can’t change that, so thanks.’

Be ok with it because you have that for a reason. You don’t need to be perfect and there is such a strive for that in Hollywood. I will never, ever understand. I would never want to be the prettiest girl in the room because there is so much pressure. People never stop to think, is there more than that. I would never want to be that.

Osbourne co-hosts with Joan Rivers and George Kotsiopoulous on Fashion Police on E!

“The US government is in a tough spot. I think they should do what others have done when faced with a nightmarish problem, and replace it with Ashton Kutcher.” – Craig Ferguson

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