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By Diedre Johnson

Sarah Boyd, the creator of the online fashion conference site, Simply Stylist, is bringing design and other creativity to a whole new audience on the Apple TV app and Roku streaming service.

Boyd, who started ‘Stylist’, as a “bridge” that connects their audience, in her words, with “like-minded fashionistas, beauty babes, tech whizzes and style influencers,” is again blazing trails with her new show, Desksides.

Desksides gives viewers an inside look at creative entrepreneurs such as successful interior designers, chefs, tech CEO’s and fashion designers. asked Boyd to explain a bit more.

Do you think fashion design affects interior design or vice versa and if so, how?  

Absolutely, I think interior design affects fashion design and vice versa! Very structured home design or minimalist or modern have been translated into fashion countless times.Both the fashion and interior design industries are constantly working to adapt to new trends, styles, etc.

What sparked you to want to add this to Simply Stylist?

Since fashion and interiors go hand in hand, I thought it was a natural fit! I’ve always loved architecture and design but it doesn’t come easy for me, so I can appreciate the artistic vision of others that do have an eye for it.

What is the best part of working on a show like this and in a medium likeApple TV and Roku?

The binge watching!  When I fall in love with a show, I want to watch the entire season instantaneously – which is one of my favorite things about Apple TV.  I love that viewers have the ability to watch consecutive episodes at their own pace.  Anytime, anywhere.

How long does it take to do a segment?

The team was really fast.  We shot two segments a day, which took about three-four hours each.

Overall, what are the exploding trends you see in the industry?

I think an overarching trend is convenience. You can do so much with the touch of a button — from online shopping, to styling apps, and even to virtual decorators (I just used Decorist for my back yard and never met my designer in person – I was on vacation and they completely redesigned my backyard while I was gone!). It seems that consumers are beginning to choose convenience and accessibility over brand loyalty. Why stop by your local beauty store when you can easily order the same product and have it shipped to your door?

How do you think this will affect other countries, such as Italy?

I lived in Rome for a semester during college – and LOVE Italy!  One of my favorite things about the country is that everyone works to live, not the other way around.  Daily siestas should be implemented in the US because it forces you to slow down.  As for the convenience/digital trend, I’m not sure it will take off in Italy because it goes against the entire culture ther

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