‘The Man’ Singer Aloe Blacc Gifts Activists’ Charity

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Award-winning singer Aloe Blacc put his money and his voice to work for Creative Visions second Turn on LA event at the Fairmont Hotel in Santa Monica by donating $15,000 to sponsor creative activist projects before performing to an audience of dignitaries and artists including actress Maria Bello.

The singer performed his hits including Th

Aloe Blacc Performance
Maria Bello
Maria Bello

e Man, Wake Me Up,  I Need A Dollar, the latter of which was a hit in the UK.

Blacc, appeared still surprised by his success from his album Lift Your Spirits, jokinging saying, “I just found out you could drive a car up to an airplane.”

Creative Visions was formed by Kathy Eldon and Amy Eldon Turtletaub, mother and sister of Reuters photojournalsit Dan Eldon who was stoned to death in 1993 along with three of his colleagues in Mongadishu, Somalia.

Since then, the foundation has helped many directors, documentary filmmakers and actors to draw attention to areas of conflict arund the world. Celebrity supporters include Bello, actor Rob Morrow and director Jon Turtletaub.

The evening’s recipients were Dr. Sanjay Gupta, a medical correspondent for CNN, and Dr. Sanjay Rawal, whose forthcoming documentary Food Chains was narrated by Eva Longoria and Forest Whitaker.

Kathy Eldon and Aloe Blacc
Kathy Eldon and Aloe Blacc

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